Create a mobile app with Laravel PHP Framework

Mar. 7, 2017

This tutorial describes an easy way to create a mobile app from your existing Laravel application.

Laravel is a free open-source PHP web Framework that helps you build web applications rapidly and efficiently using the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. To build a web application, Laravel is comparable to Django (Python) or Ruby on Rails (Ruby). The choice of the right Framework to use for your next application if you are not familiar with any of them depends on how comfortable you feel with PHP, Python or Ruby. In this post, we are only going to talk about Laravel.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a hybrid app from an existing Laravel project. A hybrid app has many advantages if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript:

  • The app can be published on the Play Store (iOS also, but it is not part of this tutorial)
  • There is no API to build so only one source code to manage
  • Works on any platform
  • Can access the features of a mobile phone like a native app

This tutorial is using:

Laravel Installation

If you already have an existing project, you can jump directly to the next step.

SSH to your host and make sure that you have the permissions to edit the directory where your website is going to be hosted. If you do not have the permissions, ask your server administrator to give you the permissions.

Go to the Apache public directory (Usually /var/www/html, but might change depending on your apache setup)

  cd /var/www/html

Create a new Laravel project. In this tutorial, we are going to use composer, but you can also use Laravel Installer in their documentation, the result is the same.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog
cd blog

Change the owner of the following folders to let the apache user (often www-data) have read and write permissions.

sudo chown –R www-data:www-data storage
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data vendor

Go to:


And you should see the following example. If you don’t, check your Laravel installation or it might be a permission issue.

Laravel Installation

Integrate laravel-mobile-detect

Go to your project root directory (/var/www/html) and run the following command:

composer require riverskies/laravel-mobile-detect

Open the file resources/views/welcome.blade.php An add the following lines before <!DOCTYPE html>:

	<h1>Desktop view</h1>
	<h1>Mobile view</h1>

Open http://{YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME} on your desktop and you should see:

Laravel Desktop View

If you open the same page from your device or from Chrome’s simulation with google chrome, you should see the following:

Laravel Mobile View

Build the mobile app

Download Slymax Webview

Open Android Studio

Unzip the downloaded directory and open it in Android Studio

Edit Slymax Webview template

  • Uncomment line 31 in and replace with your URL.
  • Uncomment line 34
  • Open and replace “” with your domain name.

Replace with your domain URL.

Run the app on your mobile device or using an emulator and that’s it!

This is an easy way to create a mobile app from a Laravel application. Next thing would be to create two views, one for desktop and one for mobile. If you want to create a new app from a Laravel application, I would strongly suggest to look or build a responsive web app template using Phonegap, Cordova or Framework7 so you only have to create one unique view for your pages.

Brice Aminou, Bioinformatician
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